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You have probably found that website design franchises charge high franchise fees, often in the form of an upfront fee and, in some cases, an ongoing monthly "support" fee. This can be an obstacle to you starting your own business.

In our view, the money you're expecting to spend on "buying" a franchise would be better invested in developing your business and we want to earn revenue from your franchise when it is a thriving business rather than create a huge investment hurdle for you on day one.

You will need to invest in sales and marketing activity in order to establish your business and start generating income, and during this time you'll also need working capital to keep a roof over your head.

So what's in it for us?

We earn revenues by providing you with the services you will need, to deliver the website and other services you have sold to your clients.

To put it another way, Your Success is Our Success.

So with Blu-ePrint you won't find yourself being pressured by a salesperson looking to earn commission by "signing you up". We're only interested in making sure you "fit the bill" and that you personally have the time, space and information you need to make what is a very important decision for both you and us.

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